AUGUST 19, 2017

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM



Yogathon is for everyone.  Find your inner warrior and your power on your yoga mat.  Conquer your inner voice that says you can’t. 

Pause for a cause.  Clear your mind, find your zen and share your positivity with everyone around you.

Give a child in need the gift of education.  Rise to the occasion, and earn some good karma!

Why Victoria Rises

In Victoria, we rise for the many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that yoga brings; but most importantly, we rise together for a cause greater than our own. We rise to make a difference in India’s underserved communities, giving children access to the universal right of every human being: education.

Join us on August 20th, in the center of the city, at Centennial Square. An amazing line up of yogathon instructors, acro yoga, onsite vendors, and live music from DJ Rara Avis and will be sure to make this a memorable experience you won’t forget. Free swag bags for all participants, door prizes will be given for the first ones onsite; a raffle will be held for monthly yoga passes, gift baskets, acupuncture sessions, rock climbing lessons, and more; and prizes including zip line passes and a Tofino Yoga Wellness Retreat will be given to those participants raising the greatest amount of funds! Popeye’s Victoria will even be on site giving free drinks for hydration and recovery and an Indian lunch by donation will also be served by Varsha’s Kitchen! Plan some extra time for the festivities to follow. Bring some cash for the raffle, lunch, and vendors; your smile to light up those around you; a yoga mat for your practice; some H2O to hydrate; and a heart ready to make a difference. You already do yoga. Now do it for a cause!




Our Trainers

Janine Pilmer
Art of Living Foundation

Janine is an Art of Living Yoga teacher who has recently joined us from Argentina! Her teachings are based on the ancient knowledge of yoga and meditation learnt under the guidance of renowned spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. As an Art of Living Yoga teacher, she believes in a holistic approach that integrates the different paths of yoga into our daily lives.

Janine is also an architect and a vastu consultant, and has lived and traveled in India where she received her training.

Eddie Solidon
Hudson Yoga

Eddie started a regular yoga practice while studying to become a high school Physical Education teacher. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with it.

Coming from an athletics background, he was used to pushing his physical limits with the help of a coach. Having a teacher guide him in his practice filled the void perfectly when he stopped running. He was still able to feel like he was being challenged physically, but it didn’t take long for him to realize what was happening mentally. He didn’t have to think, but at the same time he could totally tune in. People thought he smiled a lot before the yoga, now he can’t stop.

His journey has taught him about patience, determination, concentration, self-control and faith. Eddie feels that you really learn to experience each and every moment. He believes there’s nothing that can’t be achieved inside or outside the hot room, and it was being in there that allowed him to see things that way. Eddie hopes to see you at the studio soon so you can sweat it out together.

Katie Thacker
One Yoga

Katie lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. She’s a yoga teacher, plant eater and nature appreciator. Through her yoga teachings, she strives to provide a balance of breath, fluid movement and alignment. She teaches a strong style of Vinyasa filled with creative sequencing, unique transitions and carefully selected playlists. Katie is also a certified Yin teacher. When teaching Yin, she focuses on providing a place for stillness, silence and self-love. 

Peter Schreurs
Moksha Yoga Victoria

Peter’s journey into yoga began with a minor back injury several years ago. This opened his eyes to the reality that many people experience this pain everyday of their lives. It was at this time that Peter decided to learn as much as he could to help manage pain in others.
For Peter, the practice of yoga came as a natural avenue for his curiosity of the body. He has found it to be an inner journey that allows him to make many observations regarding the functioning and anatomy of the human body.

Peter has been teaching at Moksha Yoga Victoria for 2 years and recently completed a Bachelor in Athletic & Exercise Therapy at Camosun. The ability to combine the holistic practice of yoga and a complimentary education in western medical practices has allowed him to approach teaching with an analytical yet flexible mind.

Ida Manly
Moksana Yoga

Ida has been teaching yoga since 2006 and is owner and director of MokSana Yoga Center.  Ida’s yoga classes pay attention to alignment and are accompanied by a weekly theme to incorporate yogic teachings. She also teaches yogahour® classes which are alignment-based flow classes designed to be challenging to all levels.
started practicing in 1996 and completed her 250-hr teacher training at MokSana Yoga Centre in the summer of 2006. She completed her 500-hr teacher training at the Kripalu Center in 2008/2009 and completed the Anusara teacher training in 2009/2010 with Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell. She continues to study with Darren Rhodes, most recently becoming a certified yogahour® teacher in 2014.
She is registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500.  She is passionate about careful attention to alignment in order to create a practice that is sustainable and injury-free for a lifetime. Along with this is a passion for the benefits of yoga that go beyond the physical and beyond the mat.

Melody Walford

Melody Walford is a RYT-500 yoga teacher and yoga therapist. For the past 7 years Melody has been studying massage and integrative healing modalities. Currently, she is studying to be a Chinese Medicine Doctor at Pacific Rim College in beautiful Victoria, BC.
Melody teaches yoga because she believes in the power of movement, breath, and intention to heal. She has personally witnessed its continual power to transform pain into empowerment. She believes yoga is a gateway into the depth of one’s own body wisdom, a channel into the hearts truth, and a guide into the minds peaceful true nature. She finds yoga to be a unifying modality that has the capacity to reveal and awaken untapped potential.

Melody is continually compelled, from the depth of her spirit to share the beautiful gift of yoga with others. In her presence students can expect a space to breathe, release, and discover what lies within them; all while learning about the realms of the body, mind, and spirit. The tone of her classroom is that of acceptance and embrace. She encourages students to shine their own unique light and be seen for who they are. Through inspiration, education, and exploration she offers the container for healing to take place, giving an opportunity to stretch the body and move blocked energy so the heart’s virtues can be encountered and the spirit can awaken.

Kate Landreth
Power Yoga Canada

Kate is a certified Power Yoga Canada instructor, a student of the Baptiste Vinyasa yoga lineage. The principles of Baptiste Methodology are physicality, empowerment and possibility. Kate encourages students to show up big on their mat, regardless of their experience or ability. She loves the Vinyasa practice due to its dynamic flow and the opportunity to rinse and cleanse your mind and body during every practice.

When you come to a class with Kate you will be met wherever you are in your practice and inspired to move through a flowing yoga sequence that is deeply connected to breath. You will be given tools to deepen your postures, including alignment cues and hands-on adjustments. Kate’s yoga classes will leave you feeling empowered, fit and energized. It will move you to find your personal edge both on and off your mat. You can find Kate teaching at One Yoga Victoria, lululemon, Royal Roads University and at Corporate Offices and Sports Teams in Victoria.

Karen Boaz
Alive Mind Body

Karen started practicing yoga in 2008 as way to find more balance and peace in her hectic and stressful final year of her undergraduate degree. She quickly fell in love with the practice and after doing a 40 day yoga challenge realized that becoming a teacher was her calling. In 2011 she completed her 200 hour teacher training at the Byron Yoga Center in Australia. She has since done many other trainings including Yin, Pre natal and Kids yoga as she loves being a student and continuously expanding her yoga repertoire. Her classes are dynamic, fun, and challenging but she always makes sure there is lots of time for relaxation so that her students leave her class feeling rejuvenated, confident and ready to step off their mat and back into the world. She looks forward to sharing her practice with you and helping guide you through your journey.


I have yoga in my life because I have turned it into a thread of continuity that connects my days to one another. Yoga is a tool that can be used properly or improperly, and as much as there is controversy and obfuscation surrounding the practice, I have seen the gold that lies within it. I think it is our duty in life to take the best parts of any situation or lifestyle or challenge and to transform that energy into something more useful for the world. Engaging in this practice is all the stronger for being in a group of people in a public space, and that is why I will rise up for Victoria’s yogathon.

Julia Turner University Student

Yoga … It’s in you to express. Let the movement carry grace, grow roots into the ground, feel the integrity of our fellow beings. Together we stand!

Jenn DorbyProgram Coordinator

I rise to meet myself and my balance on the mat!

Rebeca Espirito Santo People, Culture, and Communications Coordinator

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