AUGUST 19, 2017

9:30 AM - 1:00 PM



Yogathon is for everyone.  Find your inner warrior and your power on your yoga mat.  Conquer your inner voice that says you can’t. 

Pause for a cause.  Clear your mind, find your zen and share your positivity with everyone around you.

Give a child in need the gift of education.  Rise to the occasion, and earn some good karma!

Why Toronto Rises

Toronto is where it all began – we are the first city to host Yogathon in support of Care for Children. Now in our 4th year, we are excited to have cities all over the world joining us for Yogathon! Torontonians will gather and transform Yonge-Dundas Square into an outdoor yoga studio on August 20. Join us for an oh-so-amazing day full of yoga, fun and a lot of sun salutations to warm your heart, body and spirit. Come with an open heart and your yoga mat, and join us in making global yoga history!




Our Trainers

Julia Arbuckle

Art of Living Foundation

Julia Arbuckle has been teaching Art of Living Yoga and Youth programs for 10 years. Having started yoga classes in 1997 in an athletic complex as a university student, her journey in yoga evolved from a physical practice of asanas, to a complete spiritual practice with attention on breathing, meditation, and ancient yogic knowledge. She feels very fortunate to have studied this ancient yogic knowledge with her spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in programs all around the world in countries including India, Japan, Germany, Colombia, the USA and here in Canada. The study of yoga has made her stronger, more flexible, and fearless both on and off the mat. Her teaching style combines vigourous and gentle sequences, and is infused with a spirit of playfulness. She hopes her students come off the mat feeling refreshed and nourished. Because with that peaceful state of mind, we have all the tools necessary to turn every problem into an adventure.

Leeann Gilmore

Moksha Yoga Brampton

My journey as a lifelong student began in 2008.  Yoga reconnected me with my body and, more importantly, gave me a moment of calm every day when I stepped on my mat.  I found Moksha in London, Ontario, and joined the Energy Exchange Program at the studio.  After a daily practice for two years, and some gentle encouragement, I completed the 500-hour Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in Montreal in 2010.

As a student, I explore studies with my teachers and learn from experiences.

As a teacher, I learn from my students and from my practice. I hope to challenge, inspire, and spark curiosity in some way for every one of my students.

Outside of the studio, I crave art in my life and am grateful for my friends and family who have supported and loved me in a way that makes me a better person. I have found true love and am learning to love deeply, live gently, and gracefully let go of things that do not serve me.

Brigid Dineen


Brigid, a Certified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, is passionate about self-care. She loves helping smart, accomplished women reconnect to themselves through self-care, set healthy boundaries with clarity and confidence, and find the courage to trust themselves. “If you spend all your time reacting to whatever gets thrown at you, putting out fires and cleaning up other people’s messes, you’ll soon find yourself wondering ‘What am I doing? How did I get here? How do I stop?'”

Brigid helps people claim their rightful place in their own life. “It can feel scary to start to look closely because we’re afraid of what we might find.” It’s safe to go deeper with Brigid. The time her clients spend with her is the safe space where they unplug from all their roles and responsibilities, all the expectations, and let go enough to see what’s true for them. The result? Clarity and confidence to create a life that feels as good as it looks.

Brigid is also a co-producer and teacher at Yogapalooza, a yoga event held in unique settings that helps people reconnect to their playful side through movement, music and meditation.

Mike Murdoch

Power Yoga Canada

Mike’s yoga journey started in the summer of 2013. Having struggled with weight and body image issues all his life; he had never found any form of physical activity that stuck. One September evening a friend, who had just finished teacher’s training with Power Yoga Canada (PYC), came over for dinner and a private practice teaching session. What originally had been a gesture to help a friend turned into a completely life changing 45 minutes. That night was the start of a journey that transformed his life forever. Within a year Mike had finished his PYC Teacher’s Training and immediately started teaching classes to anyone that would come.

After finding his mat, this journey has allowed him to find deep inner calmness and self-acceptance. Through his practice, Mike began to transform not just physically but emotionally as well. He strives to spread his passion for yoga with anyone who’s willing and firmly believes that yoga, in some form, is accessible to everyone.

“Yoga allows time to disconnect from day-to-day troubles and go within. Every body and mind can find healing through consistent, compassionate, practice.”

Jessica McIntyre

Studio Blue

Jessica was a competitive swimmer for over 14 years. After graduating from university and retiring from the varsity swim team Jessica turned to yoga as a way to stay fit and active. Her initial interest in yoga was purely physical and she did not anticipate the deep connection between mind, body and breath she would find in her practice.
In 2008, Jessica successfully completed her 500 hour Teacher Training in Kerala, India and has been guiding people through their own practice ever since.
Jessica brings a positive, enthusiastic and encouraging energy to her classes as she tries to ensure that everyone is being challenged in the way they need to be challenged that day.  Leveraging both her background as a London-based marketing manager and the passion she discovered while training in India to be a yoga instructor, Jessica decided to follow her entrepreneurial instincts. Armed with an MBA and 8 years of yoga instruction under her belt, Jessica left the UK and returned home to create a playful space for Toronto’s yoga community—living proof of the benefits of a balanced life!

Brittany Lu Snedden

Kula Yoga Studio

Brittany Lu Snedden discovered yoga in 2005, sparking a slow but steady transition from her career in dance. Over the past decade, Brittany has increasingly dedicated herself to the study and practice of ashtanga vinyasa yoga and vipassana meditation. She has been fortunate to study across the globe with Paul Dallaghan, Michael Stone, Jack Kornfield, David Gellineau, Sharath Jois, Petri Raisanen and Ron Reid. In 2013 Brittany attended the Mysore teacher training program with Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy and has since been honoured to assist her fellow teachers and guide her fellow students at Downward Dog in both led and Mysore practices.

In 2010, Brittany also began to study Thai Yoga Massage in Koh Samui, Thailand, and in 2014, completed her advanced practitioner diploma with the School of Thai Yoga Massage in London, England. Brittany’s approach to the practice of yoga and massage is rooted in a sincere exploration of both physical and subtle anatomy and the healing effect of compassionate touch. Her teaching and treatments combine ancient traditions and modern techniques and seek to support each student’s unique evolution.

Tasha Chong

Power Yoga Canada

Tasha’s yoga journey began in 2010 when a friend brought her to Power Yoga Canada, for her first hot yoga class. The class was challenging, but she left feeling empowered, rinsed, and craving more.

In 2012, Power Yoga Canada Georgetown opened its doors, and she joined the Energy Exchange crew to be more involved in the amazing PYC community. PYC Gtown quickly became her second home. As her practice grew, she learned that in order to achieve many poses, she had to do the work. Don’t rush the process. Two valuable lessons she has brought into her life off the mat.

Tasha completed her 200 hr Power Yoga Canada training in 2014, and will be returning from Level 1: Journey into Power intensive training with Baron Baptiste one week before Yogathon!

Being on her mat has taught her to breathe through the difficult moments, let the day’s “to do” list fall away from her mind, and not take herself too seriously. Tasha’s intention is to bring lightness, joy, and a playful edge into her teaching.

Queenie Phair

Yoga Tree Studios

Queenie’s yoga journey began in 2005 when her brother introduced her to hot yoga and she instantly fell in love. Since then, she has taught and practiced yoga in Toronto, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Atlanta, and completed her RYT-200 training at Yoga Tree Studios in Toronto.

With her extensive travels, she’s found that yoga has really helped her stay grounded, flexible (physically and mentally) and sane. Her classes are inspired by all the different teachers and yoga styles she has encountered throughout her travels, and her sequences encourage students to strive for the better and embrace challenges, while staying focused on the breath and listening to their inner voice. She believes that as long as you try to have fun with what you’re doing, everything will be alright. “Attitude is everything.”

Flow with Queenie in her dynamic and fun class at Yoga Tree Studio Bay & Dundas and Richmond & Spadina.

Neesha Khanderia

Salt Cave Yoga

Neesha’s background in gymnastics fueled her passion for yoga.  Her fascination for constant evolution, mindfulness, and endless growth transformed her into a certified Raja Yoga Instructor.

Neesha enjoys holding space and creating a safe learning environment for her students to grow. She incorporates the beautiful aspects of Raja Yoga into her teachings by combing Patanjali’s Eight-limbed Path, breathwork (pranayama), proper alignment of physical postures (asana), and meditation (dhyana).

Neesha also leads and manages a Learning and Development Department, so she truly knows first-hand how yoga has the power to heal and restore balance to our often busy, over-scheduled lives.

To lift spirits even further, Neesha combines her love for photography and travel by creating photographs infused with uplifting quotes, motivational canvases and beautiful portrait photography to spread as much positive energy as she can.


I participated in Yogathon 2013 and it was beyond what I can put in words! The energy, the sense of community was fantastic! A few of my friends and I participated and we loved it. The instructors were amazing, everyone was moving together and the whole square was full of AMAZING energy. I can’t wait for this year’s event, the organizers go above and beyond to make it such a great success, I am so grateful for this amazing yoga experience.

Eman Enain, Yogini

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