What is Yogathon – 108 Sun Salutation Challenge?

Yogathon is an initiative to create awareness about yoga and create interest in its practice for a healthier living. The event challenges participants to complete 108 sun salutations as symbolic offering of hope to children around the world and to spread the message of universal education.  Many countries raises funds for Care For Children (also known as Gift a Smile). A project of the Art of Living Foundation, Care for Children partners with rural and tribal areas in India and other underdeveloped countries to establish schools and other educational infrastructure. Yogathon – 108 Sun Salutation is the largest single-day, volunteer-led yoga event around the world in support of education.

Where is Yogathon?

Yogathon takes place in 50 cities across the globe. Detailed information for each city is provided under the HOST CITIES menu.

Who organizes Yogathon?

Yogathon is organized and executed by volunteers of the Art of Living Foundation. We are a team of dreamers who believe that we have the power to change the world, one yoga pose at a time!  The commitment and generous support of our volunteers helps keep costs down which enables countries who are fundraising to direct more money to Care for Children.

Do I actually have to complete 108 sun salutations?

Of course not. Come have fun, and push yourself to do as much as you can.

Is the Art of Living Foundation a registered charity?

In many cities, we are registered as a charity. Where the Foundation is a registered Charity recognized by the Government, when you make a donation to the Foundation of $50 or over, you will be mailed a tax receipt. If you have any questions about tax receipts, please call 1-800-269-5987 or send an email to info@yogathon.org.

How can I sponsor Yogathon in my city?

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please call 1-800-269-5987 or email info@yogathon.org

What’s the weather policy?

Although we are hoping for sunshine, there’s something magical about practicing yoga in the rain! Not all cities have rain dates. Click on the Cities menu item from the main navigation to view detailed information on your desired city.

Do I need my own yoga mat?

We suggest you bring your own yoga mat. Yoga mats will be available for purchase at some event venues. Check with your local city.

When should I arrive?

We suggest that you arrive 30 minutes before the event starts. This gives you time to check-in at the registration desk, find your spot and relax

I registered, but now I want to join a team. How do I do this?

We’d be happy to help, please contact the Foundation at 1-800-269-5987 or email info@yogathon.org

What is the minimum number of people required to form a team?

The minimum for a team is two members. There is no maximum.

Can I still donate to the event even if I can’t attend?

Some countries are joining the global movement for education to raise awareness and to harness the power of many to create change. We know that together we can create powerful changes.  United we are a force to be recognized.

Please check your country page for more information on whether donations are supported.  For cities fundraising, you may donate by clicking the Donate button on the home page or on an individual or team’s profile page.


It’s not too late to register. Sign up solo or join a team.