Connect with your breath, body and spirit.

Yoga teaches you to be patient with yourself and your body and to accept yourself and your body at this moment. A consistent Yoga practice makes you more flexible, more aware, and over time it becomes easier to get into poses that were harder for you (we promise!). Listen to and respect your body.  We’ve created a suggested 4 week training schedule to help you get ready for the 108 challenge.   Select your pace based on your individual fitness level.

For every 12 sets that you perform, keep the first 3 sets at slow pace & the remaining 9 at fast pace.

Slow Pace = 3 sets of sun salutations @ 55 seconds per set.
Fast Pace = 9 sets of sun salutations @ 45 seconds per set.

Practice Note:
All the above figures are in Sets.  1 Set = 2 Rounds. There are twelve poses in the Sun Salutation series, and one set consists of performing two rounds. During the second round, practitioners move the opposite leg from the one involved in movement during the first round.